MaxxiLine Dual Gauge Gas Bottle Regulators 0-5 BAR / 0-20 BAR




maxxiline gas bottle regulator

MaxxiLine Gas Pressure Regulators

Argon, CO2, N2O, Argon/Co2, Argon/O2, Nitrogen bottles

MaxxiLine Dual Gauge Gas Bottle Regulator are designed to connect small & the larger Argon, CO2, N2O, Argon/Co2, Argon/O2, Nitrogen disposable gas cylinders.

This little regulator you can accurately adjust gas flow for maximum performance from your MaxxiLine disposable gas bottles, less wasted gas.

100% Made in Italy product. High quality and manufactured to offer maximum performance.

Available in two models: 0-5 BAR - 0-20 BAR

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  maxxiline italy
  Outlet Pressure Range: 0-5 BAR / 0-20 BAR
  Maximum Inlet Pressure: 150 BAR
  Safety Valve: 10 BAR / 25 BAR
  Outlet Connection: 1/8" Gas
  Material: Alluminium
  Gauge Connection: Prearranged for HS and LS - 1/8" NPT
  Standard: UNI EN ISO 2503:2010 - DM 174/04


maxxiline italy


MaxxiLine disposable (Non-Refillable) cylinders UNI EN ISO 11118:2015 are available with a variety of gas fills, including Helium, Nitrous Oxide E942, Carbon Dioxide E290, Argon, Argon/Co2 (Mix), Nitrogen E941 and Argon/O2 (Mix)

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The MaxxiLine small and portable gas cylinders are commonly used in a widely variety of applications such as welding/cutting, wine preservation, beer and other beverage dispensing, carbonation systems, ballon gas, for tyre inflation, purging, blanketing, in the refrigeration industry and air conditioning systems.

MaxxiLine can grant you certified top standard quality products, meeting with specific requirements in terms of quality, reliability and top safety.

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