MaxxiLine 95% Nitrogen / 5% Hydrogen (N2H2) Bottles for Leak Detection Services (HVAC&R)




maxxiline N2H2 bottles

Disposable Nitrogen/Hydrogen (N2H2) Gas Cylinders

MaxxiLine Disposable 95% Nitrogen 5% Hydrogen (N2H2) Cylinders are available in four sizes: 1 Litre (0,11m3 compressed gas), 1.2 Litre (0,12m3 compressed gas), 1.8 Litre (0,15m3 compressed gas), 2.2 Litre (0,22m3 compressed gas).

HVAC&R Systems

Hydrogen gas has a number of unique properties which make it an excellent trace gas for use in leak detection. We recommend MaxxiLine industrial grade mix of 5% Hydrogen in Nitrogen (H2N2). This mix holds the important features needed for using Hydrogen as trace gas.

100% Made in Italy product. High quality and manufactured to offer maximum performance.

See here for the MaxxiLine Dual Gauge Gas Bottle Regulators

DISPOSAL: Ensure cylinder is empty. Dispose of properly according to local government requirements. Contact local refuse handler or recycle centre for instruction.

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Contents are under pressure. Non-flammable gas. Use this product only in well-ventilated areas. Tank is non-refillable. Do not store in damp areas. Do not inhale any gas. Do not refill with any material. Keep tank away from heat, fire and sharp objects. Non-returnable Tank.  

maxxiline italy
  1.0 Ltr 80x285: Working Pressure 110 BAR
  1.2 Ltr 102x195: Working Pressure 100 BAR
  1.8Ltr 102x280: Working Pressure 84 BAR
  2.2Ltr 102x325: Working Pressure 100 BAR
  Material: Steel P355NB EN 10120
  Valve M10x1: UNI EN 10297 - UNI EN 13340
  Non Refillable Gas Bottle EN 12205 TPED 2010/35/EU
  Packaging: Carboard box of 6pcs


maxxiline italy


MaxxiLine disposable cylinders EN12205 TPED are available with a variety of gas fills, including Helium, Carbon Dioxide, Argon, Argon/Co2 (Mix), Nitrogen and Argon/O2 (Mix)

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MaxxiLine disposable and refillable gas-filled cylinders are commonly used in a widely variety of applications such as welding/cutting, wine preservation, beer and other beverage dispensing, carbonation systems, ballon gas, for tyre inflation, purging, blanketing, in the refrigeration industry and air conditioning systems.

MaxxiLine can grant you certified top standard quality products, meeting with specific requirements in terms of quality, reliability and top safety.

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